Success is Risk (sample)


Success is Risk

When you learn to ride a bike, you'll have to wobble and crash; you'll have to skin your knee before you can skate and thrash.

You'll have to take the punches to be a karate master; you'll have to find a steeper hill, to go a little faster.

If you want to be heard you'll have to raise your hand; even if you're wrong it shows your will is strong.

For every chance you take, you get better each day; success is around the corner when courage leads the way...

...To get the lead in the band, you'll have to play a lot; you'll practice for some people who'd rather hear you not.

If a lifetime of effort can fall down overnight, the WILL to rebuild will win in any fight.

The test you have to pass, the cute person in your class; with a little prep, you're ready to take the step.

- From the book, Success is Me