The book for preteens on the habits of success.

Our Purpose

Children are taught hard skills like math and reading early in school yet little focus is put on mental and emotional skills. Adults fuel a self-improvement industry worth almost $10 billion and we forget these same adults used to be kids.

Success is Me sows little “success reminders” in kids who can go on to do many great things in the world..

Through a series of inspirational poems illustrated in ink and watercolor, this book allows adults and preteens to begin a conversation about success, goals, and life’s challenges in a fun and accessible way.

Children as young as 8 years old have enjoyed this book.


Help Others Be Great

Social media and reality television have been shown to warp our views of success and self-worth and the process starts early as preteens. Developing self-confidence, setting goals, and dealing with setbacks are critical during elementary and middle-school years.



Motivational books for kids and preteens about success don’t get a lot of press. Developing positive habits early in life is key to helping kids build strong mental toughness. While you won’t find most authors actively promoting the works of other authors on their website, I feel so strongly about helping kids learn positive habits, that I have created a list of my favorite success books for kids. We don’t get any royalties or compensation for featuring books on this page.