Free Posters

For a limited time, when you buy two or more Success is Me books through CreateSpace, you can qualify to receive two free posters. Posters are full-color 24x36 inches and great for a kid's bedroom wall. There are two posters two choose from 1) Success is Strength, and 2) Success is Flexibility. You can choose to have two of the same poster or one of each - please specify this when you send your request email below. The default will be one of each poster. All posters come in an individual hard cardboard tube or box. These posters are a great addition to the Success is Me book.

What is CreateSpacE?

CreateSpace is a platform that supports independent publishers. Producing a rhyming children's book is one of the hardest types of books to get published by a major house. If it were not for CreateSpace, this book would not exist. Help support independent publishing so that more people can have their voices heard.

Request Free Posters

Purchase book on CreateSpace using the link below. Then send an email to successisme[AT], attaching a JPG or PDF copy of your CreateSpace receipt showing two books have been purchased.

Please specify the address for shipping the posters as well as which posters you would like (Strength or Flexibility). It may take up to 2-3 weeks to receive your posters.

Posters are full-color, high gloss 24x36 inches

Posters are full-color, high gloss 24x36 inches