New Website, Renewed Efforts

Tonight starts the 2018 NBA Finals – the pinnacle of excellence for anyone who loves the game of basketball. What better day to launch the new website for Success Is Me?

The odds of a college basketball player going on to the NBA are around 1% assuming you play for a school that can get you the training and exposure to even be noticed. Most high school kids with NBA Finals dreams are practicing up to six days per week and doing multiple clinics and camps twelve months of the year. It is a passion and persistence unique to sports and entertainment. There are so many good athletes, singers, dancers, actors, and the list goes on and on.

What I have learned since launching my book is that there are so many great writers and books for children as well. The chances of my book being read by some "Influencer" may be one percent of one percent. The more important lesson for me has been to keep moving forward even when there may be imperfections with my book, my website, my marketing, or the thousands of other reasons to just stop and do nothing. Nothing is easy – success takes energy.

I am excited about the new website and my renewed efforts to keep marketing this book even if there is a .01% chance of it ever getting on a bestseller list. It’s great to have dreams, but it’s more important to have passion and persistence. I'm looking for that one kid that years from now says, "That was one of my favorite books growing up." That's what is important to me.

I hope you enjoy the new site.