The Author

Brian L Wright is the founder of SuccessIs.Me and the author of the book Success is Me. The idea for SuccessIs.Me came to him in 2011 when he was going through some old quotes and poems with his son. The discussion was around strength and what it means to be strong. It was during this time that his son was going through speech therapy for stuttering and throughout those struggles his son always maintained a positive attitude and gentle heart towards others. It inspired him to write a poem which he later turned into a poster, which was Success is Strength. It was the beginning of a series of works to ensure his son always had reminders on how to achieve his dreams. The phrase success is me was chosen as a great self-affirmation for kids – and even adults.

Brian is an entrepreneur, artist, engineer, creator, and student of life who is fascinated by success and the people behind the stories. He binges on documentaries and reruns of Shark Tank. When Brian is not reading about the next great idea or company, he enjoys the company that matters most – his wife and son.

No matter the level of labor, you can always be a friend. You can give a hand, when there’s an extra one to lend.
— Success is Service